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Bad Breakups

If These 8 Things Happen In Your Relationship, Then It’s Really Over

A relationship that is built on true love would never have two people still trying to keep their options open.



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You always need to know if the relationship that you’re in is practically doomed. Why? You never want to be wasting your time being with someone with whom you know you’re never going to be able to make things work. You always want to be giving your love and energy to a person and a relationship that has a shot at actually standing the test of time. That’s why whenever you recognize that the relationship that you’re in is heading towards its demise, you might just want to check out early.

Rip off that Band-Aid. It’s always better for you to just call it quits while you’re ahead. Cut your losses. If you notice that these 11 things happen in your relationship, then it’s practically over and you might as well just try to move on.

“Make everything clear with your lover so you don’t face any problem in future.”

1. You’re already looking for a replacement.

Obviously, you know that something is wrong if you’re not content with the partner that you have in your relationship. If you’re already looking for a replacement, it means that you’re clearly not happy and you know at the bottom of your heart that this relationship just isn’t built to last.

2. Your goals just won’t align.

More than just loving one another, it’s important that you are able to have lives that are compatible with one another’s. You must always make it a point to ensure that your goals, principles, and values align.

And whenever you just aren’t capable of reconciling your two worlds together, then it’s likely that that would generate too much friction in the relationship.

3. You can’t trust one another.

You just can’t seem to bring yourselves to trust one another. The trust in the relationship has either withered or has been completely broken because of a dramatic incident. Whatever the case, it’s virtually impossible for a relationship to last when there is no mutual trust there that can bind two souls together.

If you just can’t bring yourselves to trust in your partner anymore, then you know that the relationship is practically doomed at that point.

4. You have cyclical arguments.

You just find yourselves arguing about the same things over and over again. Any kind of relationship is always going to have a room for arguments and disagreements. That’s normal between two people who spend enough time with each other.

However, it’s different when you’re just virtually incapable of coming to a compromise on these fundamental arguments that you have. It’s unhealthy for a relationship if you keep arguing about the same things over and over again

5. You have stopped caring about how they feel.

You have stopped caring about how your partner feels. You don’t really give them any kind of attention whatsoever when it comes to their feelings and emotions. You don’t care much about how your actions or words might impact them on an emotional level.

You’re just content with carrying on in your life regardless of how you affect them emotionally. It’s as if you’ve completely uninvested yourself in their mental and emotional state of being.

6. You find yourself feeling easily irritated.

You find yourself getting easily irritated by your partner as of late. You notice that all of the little things that you used to be able to tolerate (or the things that you might have even found cute at one point) are now all things that annoy and pester you.

There is just a general mood of irritability and annoyance in the relationship. You are clearly unhappy with one another and there is very little love and affection left there.

7. You spend more time away from one another than you do together.

You find that you are just spending more and more time away from one another these days. Instead of spending time with each other at home or on dates, you are constantly choosing to prioritize other aspects of life.

In this life, we only ever really give time and energy to the things that mean the most to us. And if you find yourself unwilling to spend more time on the people you love, then perhaps, you don’t really love them as much as you might have initially thought.

8. You’re no longer happy in your relationship.

And ultimately, it’s going to boil down to overall happiness. If you happen to be in a relationship that just doesn’t make you happy, then that relationship isn’t the right one for you.

Yes, you always want to be able to find happiness in your own life. But your relationship should never be serving as a hurdle between you and your pursuit of happiness in life. Your relationship should be enriching your life; it shouldn’t be bringing you down.

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Bad Breakups

9 Stupid Relationship Games You Shouldn’t Be Putting Up With

Consider it to be a real red flag when the person you’re dating still has some dating apps on their phones. It shows that they’re still trying to play the field.



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Relationships are always designed to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. They are supposed to be able to add a lot of meaning, excitement, and value to your life. Whenever you get into a relationship with someone you deeply care about, then you would want to make yourself vulnerable towards that person. You would never want to keep them in the dark with regards to how you feel.

You always want to make sure that your partner knows just how much you love them and how committed you are to making things work in your relationship. You would never want your partner to feel insecure or unsafe in the love that you share. You would want to get rid of any doubts that might be clouding their minds.

If you are genuinely in love with someone, then you don’t want to take that person for granted in any capacity. You always want to make sure that they are going to feel happy, fulfilled, and loved. You always want to be treating each other with kindness and generosity. You want to practice empathy and sensitivity. You want to respect one another and you always want to show compassion for each other.

You would want to devote every single ounce of energy that you have to preserve your relationship. You would always want to do your best when it comes to keeping your significant other in your life. When you are truly in love with someone, you would always want to keep things open and honest with each other. You don’t play little childish games to mask your true feelings.

However, not a lot of people understand that these are necessities when it comes to true love. In fact, plenty of people think that they need to play these games if they want to “win” at dating. But that’s just the thing. Dating shouldn’t be a game because love isn’t a game. Love is never something that you would just want to be playing around with. Love isn’t something that you shouldn’t be approaching casually.

People play a lot of dumb relationship games all the time these days. You might think that you have to hide your truest intentions with the people you like because you assume that that would give you a sense of control over the situation. You say that you want to commit to someone, but you are afraid of completely making yourself vulnerable to someone. It’s just complete contradiction and it’s all wrong.

But let’s say that you’re not someone who plays these games and you’re just someone who is victimized by all of these players all the time. You should be aware of the moves that certain people are going to be putting on you so that you are keeping yourself guarded.

If you notice that the person you are dating is guilty of employing these kinds of moves, then they aren’t really serious about committing with you for real.

1. They keep your relationship a secret.

They really go out of their way to keep your relationship a secret. They don’t like taking you out to dinner because they don’t want other people to see that you’re together.

2. They fake their disinterest in you.

Even though they’re really interested in you, they act as if they’re not. They don’t want to be revealing how they truly feel about you because they don’t want to seem overeager.

3. They act hot and cold with you on commitment.

They don’t really show you any kind of consistency with the commitment that they give you in the relationship.

4. They pretend to like the same things that you do.

They act as if they’re interested in all of the same things that you’re interested in even when it clearly isn’t the case. They’re being fake and ingenuine to you.

5. They purposely try to make you feel jealous.

They really go out of their way to make you feel jealous because it makes them feel good whenever you do.

6. They make you wait for their text replies.

They make you really wait for their text replies. They don’t want you to feel like they are too overeager to reply to your messages.

7. They deliberately don’t text you first.

They always want you to take the initiative in the relationship and that’s wrong. Both participants should always be willing to take initiative for the relationship.

8. They still keep dating apps on their phones.

Consider it to be a real red flag when the person you’re dating still has some dating apps on their phones. It shows that they’re still trying to play the field.

9. They refuse to define the relationship.

They don’t really have that discussion with you about where you both stand in your relationship. They don’t really talk to you about the nature of the relationship that you have.

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Bad Breakups

If He Does These 5 Things, Then You Shouldn’t Marry Him

You want to live a life full of love with someone who is going to willingly give you his heart without conditions or apprehensions.



Ultimately, you will always want to aim to get married to the man that you’re in a relationship with. That’s the goal of every couple in love, right? You longingly dream of marrying the man who you know you’re going to find perpetual happiness and fulfillment in. You want to be spending the rest of your life with the guy who is going to care for you and protect you to the best of his abilities. You want to live a life full of love with someone who is going to willingly give you his heart without conditions or apprehensions.

And it’s okay to dream of having that kind of life. It’s always okay to aspire for your relationships to eventually evolve into the kind that lasts forever and stands the test of time. However, you can’t allow your desperation to get the best of you either. If you know that he is terrible for you, then you need to walk away from him. But sometimes, you can love him so much to the point that you become blind to the terrible aspects of his personality.

That’s why you really need to take note of everything that is going on in your relationship. You need to maintain a sense of introspection and self-reflection in your relationship. You must always be staying on top of things and paying attention to everything that is going on. That means you need to be aware of the many bad parts of his character as well. You just can’t be focusing on all the good parts. That’s a great way to find yourself in a toxic and destructive relationship without realizing it.

Be honest with yourself. Your relationship isn’t perfect. There are bound to be a few flaws in your partner’s personality and you need to come clean with those flaws. Sometimes, these flaws are going to be acceptable. Sometimes, these flaws can be overlooked. There are some mistakes that your partner will make which are totally forgivable and fine. However, there are also certain non-negotiable that you need to be taking note of. There are just certain habits or behavioral traits, that he might be guilty of which you shouldn’t be willing to tolerate at all.

Remember marriage is a lifelong commitment and it’s not necessarily one that you can just get out of so easily. That’s why you always want to be sure about the person that you’re marrying before you actually make that commitment. So, if you notice that he is guilty of the following behaviors, you might want to reassess your relationship. You might want to reevaluate just how much he means to you.

Call him out on his toxic behavior. Make him aware of his terrible habits. And if he shows a willingness to change, then he might actually be worth giving a chance to. But if he’s going to be defensive about the way that he conducts himself, it might be best for you to just move on.

1. He always breaks his promises and commitments.

He doesn’t really follow up on the things that he says to you. And that’s a serious problem because if he can’t commit to you on the little things, what makes you think that he’s going to commit to you on the big things?

2. He blatantly disrespects and demeans you.

There should be no room for any kind of disrespect in a marriage. When you have a partner who finds it so easy to just demean you and belittle you, then that definitely isn’t a good thing. You don’t want to be attached to the kind of man who is only going to feed into your insecurities and make you feel bad about who you are.

3. He causes you mental and emotional pain.

You might think that just because your partner doesn’t lay a hand on you means that he isn’t causing you any pain at all. But that’s wrong. There are certain kinds of pain that transcend the merely physical. And it’s always dangerous whenever you allow yourself to marry a man who causes you mental and emotional anguish.

4. He keeps your relationship from moving on.

He is always stagnating your relationship and keeping you guys from taking things to the next level. He doesn’t really show a willingness to move forward in the relationship with you. He’s just always content with where the two of you are. But he’s not enthusiastic about where you’re going.

5. He cheats and acts unfaithfully in your relationship.

Sometimes, cheating can actually be salvaged. It’s possible for couples to move on from an act of unfaithfulness in the relationship. But a lot of the time, once that trust is actually broken, it can be really difficult to recover from it. It would be unlikely for you to be able to allow yourself to trust this person again.

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Bad Breakups

What Are the States with Highest Rates of Divorce and the Reasons Behind It

The divorce rate is subject to a constant change due to the above-mentioned factors, but states with the highest rates of divorce remain the same, more or less.



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No one in the present era is unaware of the fact that divorces are extremely common. But the trend of high divorce rate has steadily been declining over the past few years. A study conducted by a professor from a university in Maryland shows that the divorce rate has dropped by 18% in the USA alone.

However, the decline may be steady, but it is slow nevertheless, and divorce is still pretty common in marriages today, for one reason or the other. While wondering what are the divorce rates in the US, one should also look at the population changes and the reasons for the divorces. The change in any of the two factors would also impact the rates of divorce on the US map.

How does that work?

Consider two states with the same number of divorces in a year. One has a greater population than the other. The difference in population will make the more populated state have a lower divorce rate than the other. But if over the course of time, the population of the two states turns to be equal, the divorce rate would also become equal, even if the number of divorces in a year hasn’t changed.

On the other hand, if one state has a higher rate of divorce due to lower living standard and economy, and the state flourishes in a matter of years, the rate of divorce will decrease. This change, however, will be due to the change in the number of divorces itself.

This is how the divorce rate by state map may change.

States with the highest rates of divorce

The divorce rate is subject to a constant change due to the above-mentioned factors, but states with the highest rates of divorce remain the same, more or less. They may change places, or move one up or down. But when talking about the most divorced states, these states are bound to be mentioned.

Topping the list of states with the highest rates of divorce, we have Arkansas, with a divorce rate of 3.7 divorces per 1000 people. According to a study, about 19% of all the marriages in Arkansas end in divorce. However, that may not be the ending really. There have been reported cases where a couple got divorced, only to get back together and live again. This puts up the question, how many of these divorces are really the ending point for a couple?

Following close behind Arkansas in the list of States With the Highest Rates of Divorce, we have Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho. The divorce rates of these states may be a little lower than Arkansas, but it is only by a margin.

It’s also important to understand that these rates have changed over time, and, at some point, may have been rated to be the most divorced state. Nevada, for example, at one point, was reported to have 4.5 divorces per 1000 people.

Why do some states have higher divorce rates than others?

When evaluating the states with the highest rate of divorce, it is also important to evaluate the reason as to why do some states have a higher divorce rate when compared to the others. Two of the most important reasons for divorce in the states with the highest rates of divorce have been mentioned above.

The key to predicting the failure or success of a marriage is by evaluating how they handle conflicts.

A couple that displays negative emotions in a fight is not likely to last.

Nevada ranks so high in the list of States With the Highest Rates of Divorce because of its given culture. Nevada is known for the Las Vegas lifestyle, where everyone is on the epitome of being carefree. That kind of lifestyle very often involves people getting married impulsively with little thoughts given to the long term success. These states count amongst the states with the highest rates of divorce because divorce is taken just as lightly as getting married.

What can be done?

If a little more thought is given before actually getting married, and while dealing with conflicts in a marriage, a number of issues could be solved and divorces avoided. Just a little more consideration is required.

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