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Bad Breakups

If These 8 Things Happen In Your Relationship, Then It’s Really Over

A relationship that is built on true love would never have two people still trying to keep their options open.



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You always need to know if the relationship that you’re in is practically doomed. Why? You never want to be wasting your time being with someone with whom you know you’re never going to be able to make things work. You always want to be giving your love and energy to a person and a relationship that has a shot at actually standing the test of time. That’s why whenever you recognize that the relationship that you’re in is heading towards its demise, you might just want to check out early.

Rip off that Band-Aid. It’s always better for you to just call it quits while you’re ahead. Cut your losses. If you notice that these 11 things happen in your relationship, then it’s practically over and you might as well just try to move on.

“Make everything clear with your lover so you don’t face any problem in future.”

1. You’re already looking for a replacement.

Obviously, you know that something is wrong if you’re not content with the partner that you have in your relationship. If you’re already looking for a replacement, it means that you’re clearly not happy and you know at the bottom of your heart that this relationship just isn’t built to last.

2. Your goals just won’t align.

More than just loving one another, it’s important that you are able to have lives that are compatible with one another’s. You must always make it a point to ensure that your goals, principles, and values align.

And whenever you just aren’t capable of reconciling your two worlds together, then it’s likely that that would generate too much friction in the relationship.

3. You can’t trust one another.

You just can’t seem to bring yourselves to trust one another. The trust in the relationship has either withered or has been completely broken because of a dramatic incident. Whatever the case, it’s virtually impossible for a relationship to last when there is no mutual trust there that can bind two souls together.

If you just can’t bring yourselves to trust in your partner anymore, then you know that the relationship is practically doomed at that point.

4. You have cyclical arguments.

You just find yourselves arguing about the same things over and over again. Any kind of relationship is always going to have a room for arguments and disagreements. That’s normal between two people who spend enough time with each other.

However, it’s different when you’re just virtually incapable of coming to a compromise on these fundamental arguments that you have. It’s unhealthy for a relationship if you keep arguing about the same things over and over again

5. You have stopped caring about how they feel.

You have stopped caring about how your partner feels. You don’t really give them any kind of attention whatsoever when it comes to their feelings and emotions. You don’t care much about how your actions or words might impact them on an emotional level.

You’re just content with carrying on in your life regardless of how you affect them emotionally. It’s as if you’ve completely uninvested yourself in their mental and emotional state of being.

6. You find yourself feeling easily irritated.

You find yourself getting easily irritated by your partner as of late. You notice that all of the little things that you used to be able to tolerate (or the things that you might have even found cute at one point) are now all things that annoy and pester you.

There is just a general mood of irritability and annoyance in the relationship. You are clearly unhappy with one another and there is very little love and affection left there.

7. You spend more time away from one another than you do together.

You find that you are just spending more and more time away from one another these days. Instead of spending time with each other at home or on dates, you are constantly choosing to prioritize other aspects of life.

In this life, we only ever really give time and energy to the things that mean the most to us. And if you find yourself unwilling to spend more time on the people you love, then perhaps, you don’t really love them as much as you might have initially thought.

8. You’re no longer happy in your relationship.

And ultimately, it’s going to boil down to overall happiness. If you happen to be in a relationship that just doesn’t make you happy, then that relationship isn’t the right one for you.

Yes, you always want to be able to find happiness in your own life. But your relationship should never be serving as a hurdle between you and your pursuit of happiness in life. Your relationship should be enriching your life; it shouldn’t be bringing you down.

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Bad Breakups

Mom-to-be Pens Heartbreaking Note to Husband After his Sudden Death



A newlywed woman wrote a tearful letter to her dead husband in her sleep.
Shannen, her Lissel, who married her beloved in September 2022, is currently mourning the death of her beloved husband.
The couple have been together for five years. They got engaged in May 2021.

In December 2022, Shannen and Connor discovered that her girlfriend Lissel was pregnant. They all celebrated the good news with excitement.
But unfortunately Connor couldn’t even care for his pregnant wife for more than a few weeks and she passed away yesterday.
“It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. Her husband Connor died suddenly in her sleep yesterday morning,” Shannen wrote on Friday.
“Connor was the love of my life. He’s been the best husband, the best friend, the best family, the best fur baby daddy. It was planned to be.

She added that her late husband was an adrenaline junkie and he loved adventure. He had many hobbies and loved to be outdoors doing adventures on beaches and mountains.
“He loved surfing, he loved being in the water at the beach, he loved a coffee and a choccie, he was so much fun to travel with, to have a laugh with friends and family, he was always trying to live an exciting life that he was proud of, trying new things like fly fishing,” she wrote alongside a beautiful picture of herself and Connor on Facebook.

“He worked hard, he loved being creative with his art and music and he gave his whole heart to those he loved and had such a huge heart, empathy, and care for people he met.”

She added that Connor, who was supposed to turn 30 this year, was the `most rare` person she had ever met.
“I am so proud that I got to become his wife and spend 5 years, and 4 months with him. The memories that we have I will cherish forever and I will live the rest of my days reflecting on ways I can be more like him.”

She continued, “And when I welcome our baby into the world, he or she will be surrounded by everyone that loved him, to share memories about how beautiful of a person he was, and his memories will live on.”

Reading this, many people commented on Shannen`s post and offered their condolences. “My condolences to my beloved Shannen. Sending lots of love and strength,” she wrote.
“Shannen, I’m so sorry for your loss. He was such an amazing person and he loved you so much and was sending you all his love,” said another.
“I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby,” one-third commented.
“I’m so sorry that this happened to you too. It’s really heartbreaking to hear this news. Life can be so unfair,’ she chimed in.

“You are not alone. There is endless support around you to help you get through this.”

A GoFundMe was set up in Shannen’s name to cover the costs of Connor’s memorial service and to help Shannen during this difficult time.

To date, GoFundMe has raised him $26,065.

Share your thoughts:
During this difficult time, our hearts go out to Shannen his Lissel. You can help her out by donating to her GoFundMe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Bad Breakups

8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits!



8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits!

Bad habits are behaviors that are detrimental to our physical, mental, or emotional well-being. They can range from minor actions like biting your nails or procrastinating, to more serious issues like smoking or overeating. Some common bad habits include:

  • Procrastination
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Smoking or other substance abuse
  • Lack of exercise or physical activity
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Negative self-talk or thinking
  • Gossiping or speaking negatively about others
  • Spending too much time on screens
  • Spending or wasting money
  • Interrupting or talking over others

Breaking bad habits can be difficult, but it is possible with the right mindset and strategies. Identifying the triggers and creating a plan to replace the bad habit with a positive behavior can be helpful in overcoming the habit. Additionally, getting accountability and support from friends and loved ones, rewarding yourself for progress, and being patient and persistent can also aid in breaking bad habits.

8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits!

  1. Identify the habit: Be clear about the habit you want to change.
  2. Understand the triggers: Identify the situations or emotions that trigger the habit.
  3. Find a replacement behavior: Find a positive behavior that can replace the bad habit.
  4. Make a plan: Create a plan to implement the replacement behavior.
  5. Get accountability: Find someone to hold you accountable for making the change.
  6. Reward yourself: Reward yourself for making progress towards breaking the bad habit.
  7. Be patient: Change takes time, so be patient with yourself.
  8. Stay persistent: Keep working on breaking the bad habit, even if you slip up.

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Bad Breakups

True Motives for “Sorry, I Didn’t Mean It!”



True Motives for "Sorry, I Didn't Mean It!"

When you are with a child or an adult, at some point you may be told, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” or “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” to hurt you.” And the child or person continues happily as if nothing had happened.

But if we didn’t mean it, why would we? Why would we dismiss our actions so easily with a casual comment? The underlying meaning of communication is its truth

When we hurt someone, why do we ease their pain by telling ourselves it wasn’t what we meant? It’s like the “I don’t know” response from a teenager, a cryptic comment meant to discourage further discovery. However, “I didn’t mean to do that” became so obvious that it was accepted as the truth.

Let’s look a little deeper.
Every action speaks louder and truer than our words. When our words don’t match our actions, it’s our actions that show our true motives. Famous words of the late Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Adler:

 “Trust only movement. Life happens on the level of events, not words.”

The biggest causes of toxic behavior are unprocessed emotions, unconscious pain, and unmet needs. Perhaps “unintentionally” means that it was not caused by any conscious thought or motive. But when you look deeper, you often find hidden feelings and unmet needs that you haven’t yet recognized.

When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. Unkind acts towards others can be an unconscious way of communicating our pain and sending out an SOS that we are hurt. It may have been a specific person.

Of course, hurtful words can inadvertently come to the side if you drink too much or if your self-control is wavering because you’ve lost your ability to control yourself cognitively due to your addiction.

But even in these situations, there are words that derive from the unresolved emotions and pain that emerge when impulse control is compromised.

In children, their ability to control themselves is affected by developmental immaturity and brain development. As such, it is the responsibility of adults to control their emotions and teach them how to express them in a healthy way.

My point here is to be more aware of your feelings and pay attention to your words, which can help you hurt or build healthy relationships.

Motivation for driving behavior
How many times has your spouse come home and yell at your children? Did they do it because they were mad at their children? Not normal. A difficult day at work or the emergence of unmet needs is far more likely to be the cause.

A child may come to school and push other children or teenagers around to bully them. Another student may be emotionally humiliated not because the person did something to them, but because of feelings of helplessness, misunderstood inner conflict, or unacknowledged hurt feelings. Unloving behavior does not make a person bad. It makes you human. Also, unkind behavior usually indicates a need for self-care and self-compassion.

In all personal growth and in all relationships, the key to loving ourselves and each other is recognizing the roots of our actions.

We continue to lash out, react emotionally, and inadvertently lash out at others until we realize the causes of our actions and their beliefs. To improve communication, we need emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Sometimes we have bad days and need someone to understand us, even if we are misbehaving. It’s also important to be honest. It doesn’t matter what your feelings are. Taking our whims out on others is undesirable in any relationship. Increased confidence: mean what you say, say what you want to say

You may have heard this proverb. Great advice. Search your heart every time you hear yourself say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Is there any reason you could have intended it that way?
Have you experienced unintentionally repressed resentment because you were unable to express your feelings directly? Has this person recently ignored you or said something hurtful to you?

Or maybe it’s as simple as canceling a dinner date, even if there’s a good reason for it…how to recognize our inner motives and find what we need

A fundamental stepping stone to consciously loving and empathizing with others is identifying when you are unloved. If you do or say something unkind, ask yourself later. Be more honest with yourself. )

Next, find out what you need to do to restore your peaceful self-esteem. You may want to apologize, put on makeup, or talk to the person about what’s bothering you. Or maybe you just need to be more in touch with your emotions and empathize with yourself. Either way, act as soon as you feel what’s right.

Every time I go through this process, I feel inner peace and less and less anger towards others. Self-esteem grows every time you make a conscious effort to understand your true motives, rather than immediately dismissing your actions. And each time we take action to fix what is holding back intimacy in a relationship, more respect, intimacy and understanding are built.

The next time you hear yourself say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Dig a little deeper and find out if that’s true.

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